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Stay Cool Tips for the Summer

Well, here we are going into another warm summer and with so many of us staying at home to enjoy the place we call home it would be nice to have that Awning on the patio or deck to provide you with a useable outdoor space while also lowering your utility bill. Awnings and retractable Sunscreens have been used in Europe for over fifty years due to the tremendous sun exposure they get, and electricity rates are so expensive, so it seems to be a great choice for anyone who has sun problems. So many of us buy our homes for the views that are offered and we can’t keep those views due to sun exposure, but with the installation of a retractable sunscreen you can still maintain your view and reduce the temperatures by up to thirty degrees. We use Mermet fabric with our sunscreen installations due to its durability and your ability to see through it while reducing up to 92% of damaging UV rays. Sometimes these Retractable Sunscreens are also referred to as Solar screens, which is the same product just under a different name. The best installation is to always install your protection on the outside of the window to stop the heat from transferring through the glass, this also saves the seal on the window.

Fixed Awnings are great for year round use for door entries to keep rain and snow off as well as Window Awnings, whether fixed or Retractable, are a great useable and cosmetic addition to any home. All of our Awnings can be Motorized with remote control or a simple hand crank.
Having a retractable awning feels like you have a whole new outdoor room, which is a common comment by many of our customers. Here at Abercrombie and Co. we have a documented referral rate of 84% which is in the top percentile for small businesses. We have received many coveted awards for recognition in the awning industry.

I hope some of these tips keep you cool in the summer.

Winter Tips

While searching for a new stove, fireplace or insert always remember to have a visual site check done by a professional that cares about your needs. I can’t tell you how many times I have been to homes with a newer product installed and find the customer had purchased (or was sold) purely on looks. Reliability, efficiency and then looks is the direction we should take to allow the product to pay us back from its efficiency. Folks, you always have to remind yourself that most “sales” people are on commission and do what it takes to put that unit in the sales of the month column.

If using a ceiling fan to distribute heat around remember that for a vaulted ceiling you want to push air down in winter and pull up in summer, for a flat ceiling just the opposite and this is a proven fact. Another trick you can do to stay away from using your furnace is using your existing ductwork to equal what the temperature in the house is, if your return air pick up is at the ceiling then wait a few hours when using your wood, gas or pellet stove, then turn your thermostat to “fan only” or fan manual and that will take heat from one efficient heating source and distribute through the house evenly, in most cases.

Green, An industry Standard

Radio, TV, The World Wide Web & Newspaper it’s everywhere. I have been in an industry that has been striving to be and has accomplished that “GREEN” status before it was popular.

How many of us actually use all of our home during the heating season? Zone heating is far more efficient within the area you live for example; high efficient wood, gas or pellet stoves, fireplaces & inserts.
Central furnace systems while being rated as “High Efficiency” are very inefficient due to loss of heat value when air from the blower is applied and loss in duct work, from 93% to 57% by the time it enters your home. Radiant heat associated with natural convection is by far the best and most efficient way to provide heat for your living area. The only way to accomplish this is to have a qualified person evaluate your home and make suggestions.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are heating units that retrofit into an existing fireplace (masonry or factory-built). They burn wood, gas or wood pellets and offer superior efficiency. Inserts utilize the existing chimney, though a flue liner or other modification may be necessary. Most have blowers to circulate the heat. Inserts are used to change an existing non-efficient fireplace into an efficient, heat producing zone heat.

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