DuraShade Exterior Screen

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KE Durasol’s / Solar Screens

The DuraShade Exterior Screen is an efficient screen that locks the fabric into the side track to provide superior stability. This self storing system conceals the fabric when not in use, with widths up 16′ and a drop of 16′.

DuraShade Without Cassette


KE Durasol’s / Solar Screens

The DuraShade Without Cassette is an attractive custom-made exterior solar screen which covers openings up to 32′ wide with a split roller, and has up to a 16′ drop.

DuraShade Palisade


KE Durasol’s / Solar Screens

The DuraShade Palisade is an attractive horizontal spring-loaded shade system. This outdoor screen provides a dividing wall for condominium and townhouse decks. To create instant privacy from your neighbors, simply pull the shade handle and attach to a wall mount or the post system provided.

DuraShade R8000


KE Durasol / Solar Screens

The DuraShade R8000 in an interior solar screen that can be mounted in a “pocket” or on a wall with an optional fascia to cover the fabric roller. A great choice for condos and offices where an exterior product is not allowed.

DuraShade R8500


KE Durasol’s / Solar Screens

The DuraShade R8500 is an attractive, custom-made shading system that combines pleasing aesthetics with advanced technology to increase the privacy of your home and create a comfortable, beautiful living environment.

Here are some examples of our sunscreens.

Protection From UV Rays, Cut Cooling Costs, Reduce Glare, Keep Bugs Outside, Block the Wind