SunCassette Bella


KE Durasol / retractable awnings

The SunCassette Bella is KE Durasol’s flagship retractable cassette awning. Its semi-cassette design mounts flush against the wall of your home or business, for a sleek look when retracted. This extraordinary awning incorporates a patented tipping system.

SunShelter Elite Plus

Elite Plus Red DV

KE Durasol / retractable awning

The SunShelter Elite Plus is an adjustable retractable awning system that allows you to fine tune your sun protection. The optional “R-Pitch” adjustable shoulder with its patented swivel wrist allows you to drop each corner independently with a simple eyelet and manual hand crank system.

SunShelter Regal

Regal Orange1

KE Durasol / retractable awning

The SunShelter regal is KE Durasol’s most affordable awning, where style meets value.  Adding charm and value, the regal gracefully complements the exterior of any home.

SunShelter Triumph


KE Durasol / retractable awning

Looking for a bigger projection? The SunShelter Triump is  KE Durasol’s heavy duty retractable awning and the optimal shading solution when longer projections are needed.  The Triumph is practical, yet capable of creating an elegant and durable living addition to any home.

SunCassette Carina


KE Durasol / retractable awning

The SunCassette Carina is designed for durability and longevity.  Relaxing under a KE Durasol awning can be a wonderful way to enjoy a lazy afternoon or an evening of entertainment. The Carina is ideal for wall and roof mount applications, and an added level of protection.

SunGuard Steelox


KE Durasol / window awnings

The SunGuard  Steelox is a retractable window awning with contemporary flair and satin stainless steel components which complement applications where modern architectural designs and materials have been utilized.

SunGuard Topaz

Topaz under

KE Durasol’s / window awnings

The SunGuard Topaz is a retractable window awning perfect for windows up to 16′ wide. When retracted, the sleek design of the cassette enables the front bar to fit snug with the rest of the unit for a sleek, compact appearance.

SunGuard Onyx


Durasol’s / window awnings

The SunGuard  Onyx is Durasol’s widest retractable window awning, with widths up to 19’9″ as a single units. Combine multiple units to span up to 40′. This awning is ideal for covering large areas of windows, providing superior solar protection.

SunGuard Romanza


Durasol’s / window awnings

The SunGuard Romanza is a new European style stationary awning with an exciting contemporary flair, made for doors and windows. Like an entrance canopy, this awning can redirect sun, rain, and snow to keep your guests in comfort as they enter your home or business.

SunGuard SunCatchers


Durasol’s / window awnings

The SunGuard  SunCatchers include four different styles to choose from. Window awnings are a time tested method for blocking the sun’s glare, reducing interior temperature, and decreasing fading of furnishings. Skillfully crafted and refined, SunCatchersare built to endure the elements and stand the test of time while adding elegance to your home or business.

SunStructure Tempo


SunStructure Tempo

KE Durasol

The SunStructure Tempo is a self-supporting stand. Attach two awnings to theTempo, and you can cover maximum areas without standard mounting requirements. Perfect for residential areas and to add seating space to commercial properties, where typical mounting structure locations are not available.

SunStructure Pinnacle


SunStructure Pinnacle

KE Durasol

The SunStructure Pinnacle One & Two are retractable shading structures perfect when a lateral arm awning just won’t work. With two models available, the Pinnacle can be mounted onto an existing structure, such as a pergola or over a skylight, or as a standalone product just mounted to a wall. Use multiple Pinnacles to cover a large area. 

SunStructure GENNIUS


SunStructure GENNIUS

KE Durasol

The SunStructure GENNIUS is a unique concept in retractable awning systems. The GENNIUS can stand up to the wind, protect you from the rain or harmful UV rays, and keep you cool and comfortable in the brightest sunshine. It combines the beauty of a pergola, the flexibility of a retractable awning and the warmth and comfort of a room addition. The GENNIUS has the versatility of covering a small deck, a large patio, or an expansive pavilion.

The Sunbrero


Sunesta Sunbrero Retractable Window and Door Awnings

Your home is one-of-a-kind, and your window and door awnings should match and compliment it. Sunesta prides itself on offering total customization, and the Sunbrero is available in many shapes and sizes, helping us ensure that each of your Sunbrero Retractable Window and Door Awnings is made to fit your home’s style.

3100 & 3500 Series Aluminum Window Awnings



Aluminum Window Awnings for stationary, single hung, and double hung windows

4100 & 4500 Series Aluminum Casement Window Awnings



Aluminum Window Awnings, designed for Casement Crank-Out Windows

Series 1100




Aluminum awnings are the perfect choice when you need protection from the elements. Our aluminum awnings and canopies are made to last and feature a heavy-duty mill finish aluminum framework. Door canopies are designed to protect your entry from both the rain and the snow. Choose Series 1100 with support arms or Series 1500 with side wings to fully enclose your canopy.

Series 1500


Series 1500


Aluminum awnings are the perfect choice when you need protection from the elements. Our aluminum awnings and canopies are made to last and feature a heavy-duty mill finish aluminum framework. Door canopies are designed to protect your entry from both the rain and the snow. Choose Series 1100 with support arms or Series 1500 with side wings to fully enclose your canopy.



K300 Retractable Awning


The K300 Retractable Awning is the perfect solution for applications with minimal mounting space. The combination of its compact, state of the art European design, and its elegant fully enclosed cassette define the phrase “Where Fashion Meets Function”.

Double wall extrusions, drop forged arm components and solution dyed acrylic fabrics make this awning strong and beautiful. The K300 is truly a cut above the best!



G150 Retractable Awning


The G150 features beautiful traditional styling on a commercial grade frame. It will enhance the beauty of your home whether open and providing 94% UV protection or closed accenting your architecture.

Your G150 will be manufactured with up to a 14’6″ projection and 40′ wide assuring you all of the shade protection you desire. With arm components made from drop forged aluminum that is pound for pound four times stronger than typical castings, the G150 delivers unmatched durability and performance for those who demand the best. Add an optional remote control motor and a wind sensor for the ultimate in convenient operation.



8700 Retractable Awning


The 8700 Retractable Awning is the elegant way to provide shade on demand, reducing cooling costs while protecting your family from harmful UV rays. Custom built for you up to 40′ wide and 13′ 2″out and featuring the flex pitch adjustable arms you are in control of this beautiful awning.  Get out of the sun and stay cool under your NuImage Awning.



7700 Retractable Awning


The great value 7700 provides cool comfortable shade and adds fashion and function to your backyard. With the simple touch of a button your awning extends in seconds taking back your patio and getting you out of the sun.  It can feel 20 degrees cooler under an awning.  A NuImage Awning will add value to your home, and will provide years of lasting performance and enjoyment. All with a non-pro-rated warranty!

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Awnings and canopies will shade your deck from the sun as well as protect inside furnishings such as furniture, drapes and carpet from fading due to UV rays. All awning and Sunscreens possess a high UV protection factor and filter out at least 90% of the UV rays and reduces heat in the home up to 25 degrees.